Major Endorsements for City Elections Announced

We have some exciting news to share!  For all of you who are supporters of or Steve Simonian for City Council, you’ll be pleased to know that, today, we are announcing an important mutual endorsement.  After getting to know each other over many months and having considerable discussion, we’ve come to understand that we see eye-to-eye on a great many things — including the importance of Open Spaces in our La Habra community.

“We are pleased to announce that is endorsing Steve Simonian in his campaign for a seat on the City Council,” said James Lees, co-founder of

Steve Simonian is also endorsing both in its campaign to STOP Rancho La Habra, and its campaign for YES on Measure X, the Citizens Initiative for the Preservation of Open Space.

A resident of La Habra for nearly 50 years, Steve has been a dedicated public servant in our community for decades, including previously serving 13 years on the City Council and four times as Mayor. He was one of the original architects of La Habra’s General Plan, the long-term guidelines which guaranteed that Open Space would forever be an integral part of the City’s future. Steve turned the blighted Chevron oil fields into the beautiful golf course greenbelt that has been enjoyed by thousands of La Habra citizens for more than two decades. Steve understands the importance of retaining our Open Spaces, and the positive impacts that Open Spaces have on our suburban way of life.

“I’m not against development that benefits La Habra, but it needs to be reasonable and controlled growth that will benefit all of the community,” said Simonian. “In the past, I supported the development of Westridge Plaza, Costco, Home Depot, the Albertsons and Rite-Aid shopping center, but the end result benefits all of our residents. The Rancho La Habra development does not.”

Simonian said he totally understands that the City is facing some very difficult financial challenges; however, the need for increased tax revenue can’t be the driving force for a project the size of Rancho La Habra without considerable review of the negative impact to our residents. “It’s important that community input be heard and all detrimental aspects of the project be considered.”

James Lees describes Steve as a public official we can trust. Steve’s motto is “do the right thing for the right reasons,” and he is running again because he sees that our City needs guidance for the critical challenges that lie ahead.  “We believe Steve is the ideal candidate to provide that guidance to the City,” said Lees. “Steve is an honorable public servant and his extensive experience, valuable historical background, and great love for our community will be invaluable on the City Council.”    

Simonian also announced his support of Measure X, the initiative to provide residents the right to determine La Habra’s future growth.  The ballot measure gives residents a voice in the preservation and protection of the City’s limited inventory of open space land and ensures that future development is conducted in a responsible manner. Simonian said he will defend Measure X when serving on the City Council. 

“We hope you will join us in supporting our mutual efforts,” said Lees. “Both of our campaigns share the common interests of working to uphold citizens’ voice in government, and in recognizing that we need to STOP the Rancho La Habra development,” he said. “It is the wrong project, at the wrong time, and we ask that you join us in supporting Steve Simonian for City Council as well as YES on Measure X to preserve our Open Spaces for future generations,” urged Lees.