Save La Habra Endorses Peter Cruz for City Council Peter Cruz Endorses YES on Measure X to Protect Open Spaces

We have additional exciting news to share! For all of you who are supporters of or Peter Cruz for City Council (, you’ll be pleased to know that, today, we are announcing another important mutual endorsement. We both value the importance of Open Spaces in our La Habra community.

“Since he announced his candidacy, Peter has made a considerable effort to speak out in favor of Open Spaces at all of our recent City public hearings. He’s been active in social media and at community events championing our cause. We think he’ll bring a diversity of new ideas to our City Council. We are pleased to announce that is endorsing Peter Cruz in his campaign for a seat on the City Council,” said James Lees, co-founder of

Peter Cruz has also endorsed both in its campaign to STOP Rancho La Habra, which recently won a 3-0 victory at City Council, and its campaign for YES on Measure X, the Citizens Initiative for the Preservation of Open Space.

“I’ve lived here as a La Habran for over 20 years. In that time, the City Council has tried to resolve a never-ending fiscal crisis by proposing project sites that solve short-term budget imbalances, without reaching out to long-term residents about these development proposals. It troubles me to hear when Councilmembers like my opponent, Tim Shaw, appear to have a predisposition toward supporting developers’ projects absent community support. I’ve endorsed Measure X, because it fixes that, by giving the people the power to approve or deny projects which consume our precious Open Space,” said Peter Cruz.

“We hope you will join us in supporting our mutual efforts,” said Lees. “Both of our campaigns share the common interests of working to uphold citizens’ voice in government, and in recognizing that we need to STOP the Rancho La Habra development, and other future irresponsible developments like it, which consume Open Space in a manner the public does not support,” he said. “We ask that you join us in supporting Peter Cruz for City Council as well as YES on Measure X to preserve our Open Spaces for future generations,” urged Lees.