Save La Habra is a grassroots coalition of long-time La Habra residents who are very concerned about SAVING OUR OPEN SPACE and protecting our community from out-of-control development. We are La Habra homeowners just like you.

We have authored the Citizens’ Initiative for Preservation of Open Space in La Habra, which will appear on the November 2020 ballot. It doesn’t change the definition of Open Space. It doesn’t change the zoning of any property in the City. It doesn’t interfere with private property rights. It does one thing and one thing only. It requires that the CITIZENS HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE before any more Open Space is developed in La Habra.

Please read our ballot measure, and you can judge for yourself.  In 2018, we gathered thousands of signatures from our neighbors just like you, so that we’d all have the right to vote on Open Space.  The City made us wait two years to allow you to vote, due to budgetary issues.  During that time, they have been busy finalizing plans for a large homebuilder, who wants to develop nearly 450 homes on nearly HALF of the remaining Open Space in the City.  And they want to do this BEFORE you have the chance to vote.   We need your help in asking the City Council not to let that happen.

We want to protect ALL OPEN SPACE for ourselves and our children.  Remember, once our Open Spaces are gone, they’re gone forever!  We thank you for your support.